Thursday, January 20, 2005

Ahhhh ....

Relief ....
I started a new sewing project today. It's like my little break from the real world! I wish I could have a business sewing, but for now I will enjoy the projects that I can do.
This is sew (hehehe) nice! Anyone, anywhere ... need some sewing done? Call me! This is like pure heaven having something to do!
I can not wait for dh to pull all my fabric out of storage ... I think I will start some dresses for the girls for spring/summer. That will certainly keep me busy! I also want to do a diaper bag for a friend, as well as a mini-diaper bag for the kids for their babies. But the friend's diaper bag I would ideally like to get done for the superbowl (they will be here then and I'm not sure when I will see them again before the due date).
So many things to sew ... so little time!

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