Monday, January 03, 2005


They say that the average family has 7,000 worth of credit card debt. Yahoo! Control Your Credit Card Debt
Well here is my sad news for the day: I am way over that average! And not just be a little bit. But by a lot of bit!

There is good news in site though. In a year from now our debt should be cut in half.
The bad news. In a year from now we will still have a bit more credit card debt than the average family.
The good news: In 2 years from now, we should be debt free. I hope so anyway. From this point forward it should be about 20 months to no debt. That puts us at August 06.
I think that is fabulous! Especially for the amount of debt we have!
And I'm still hopeful that dh gets a bonus next year, or a raise, or his side business earns a bit of money so that maybe we can get it paid off a bit quicker.
But in the meantime, August '06 is my dream to be debt free. And that will feel SOOO good!

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Tina said...

You have good goals! I hope you make it. We had debt for years, but now we only owe on our home. It is a really good feeling..