Friday, January 14, 2005

Another one of those days ....

Again, it was one of those days today.
It actually was good this am. We got up, got ready, we were cruising down the highway .... well, okay it wasn't a highway and I wasn't speeding, but I did get pulled over :-( It was a deserved ticket, although the infraction was not done on purpose. But it hapened and I feel like an idiot for getting pulled over. And of course, in front of the kids. Who weren't really quite sure what to make of it all. My 5 year old told me "don't worry mom. I won't tell grandma and papa until after you are out of the room." Gee. Thanks dear.
I also had some dental work done today. Two teeth with some major decay were worked on today. It would be easy, except I have some serious TMJ issues. So we had to stop and give my jaw several breaks. We also had to stop because of a few other teeth that are extremely sensitive. My dentist is good, and he really does try to make sure I am comfortable - well he would have to be! I asked him to stop several times and he never once seemed annoyed with me! (Which is good of course! LOL!)
But of course my jaw was dying by the time we finished, which leads to a major headache, which coupled with the ticket and being tired, has just put me in a major funk again.
And just to top it off, I get to go back to get some more work done Wednesday. And I'll be back again soon becuase I have a lot of decay in my mouth that needs to be gone ASAP. And after all the decay is gone, I will hopefully, get some treatments for my jaw which will make my jaw better. We'll see ... hopefully by fall things will be looking much much better. All teh decay should be done by summer time so we can move on and work on the jaw issue.

My dh is being pretty nice though. We ordered pizza for dinner becuase I was NOT in the mood to cook. After we put the kids down for bed, we will play a computer game, which is always enjoyable. And he has reassured me a million times over that the ticket is no big deal and to not worry about it.

I just hope tomorrow will be a better day. And it should be becuase I am going to go to the fabric store to buy some more things and start on some new projects. And generally, having something to work on, helps me to get out of my funks.

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