Monday, November 27, 2006

Weekend Update

So I haven't even talked about my weekend.
Thanksgiving was lovely - simply lovely. We went to my moms where there were I think 18 other people there I think? Well, give or take a few. And it was simply a wonderful time. We ate, we talked, we played Apples to Apple (which I have never played but did enjoy tremendously). It really was a very grand time - I'm so glad we went. It was a great day to celebrate thanksgiving that is for sure. And really, really, truely, dh and I just couldn't get over how blessed we are. I mean, really, we are so grateful for all that we have, all the wonderful people in our lives, the wonderful things we have. It really was such a grand day on so many levels.
Then we stopped off at dh's dads house. Talked for a bit and then made our way home to pack for our short trip to St. Louis.
So Friday we hopped in the car and meandered on down across our wonderful state of IL to go visit "pop pop" and l. It was an uneventful drive I think. I wasn't really conscious during it. That dramamine really does a number on me and knocks me out so I slept most of the way there.
We got down there. Dh took the girls to pool to swim and babyboy and I hung out in the room.
Off to go see pop pop and l. They have a quaint little place. I loved it! I told dh we could retire in a similar style when it was our time. =)
We visited with them and then were all off to dinner together. At an interesting restaraunt - wasn't so fabulous, but not awful either.
Back to visit some more.
Let me just interject here to say that I just love both pop pop and l, and so do the kids. I loved being able to spend time with them, even if it was just a short stint. It was absolutely fun and wonderful.
So back to the hotel where everyone basically immediately fell asleep, except of course babyboy. Of course.
We spent Saturday with pop pop and l and a few other extremely nice people. Who despite just meeting us, opened up their home to us, children and adults and even fed us some yummy food. They also happened to have a girl just a few months younger than my oldest and the two were connected at the hip almost immediately. A good time for all I believe.
Then just a short time more to spend with pop pop and l and back into the car.
We were home around 10:00ish Saturday night (so we were gone almost exactly 36 hours).
It was a great time, just too short. Hopefully we will get back down there in the spring. As I said, I just love spending time with pop pop and l and I miss them. I wish they were closer to us so we could spend more time together. But alas, we have to make special the time we do get together.

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