Monday, November 27, 2006

It's just another manic Monday ...

Well today has already been an interesting day and it's not even lunchtime.
The gp's left for Florida today at 5:30. Myself and my oldest woke up to them getting ready and so we decided to say good-bye to them - hugs, kisses, well wishes, etc.
And then we promptly went back to bed where we overslept her classes. Oops. Not a great way to start the week for sure. But I suppose it might be for the best, as babyboy has had diarhea a few times this morning all ready. So that would have been a pain to take care of there, and could be part of the virus my middle had last week. So for all I know we are quite the contagious family right now and I wouldn't want to pass on illnesses to anyone.

It's a weird feeling having the entire house just to ourselves again. Dh will probably move into their bedroom. Babyboy and I will probably move into mine and dh's room. I can pull toys and books up to the first floor and not spend most of my time in the basement. Later today I will go buy a few babygates to help reign in my very active babyboy (who did for the first time fall down the entire flight of stairs yesterday. Which broke my heart and made me feel like crappiest mom of the year. However, not one red mark, bump, bruise, scratch, nothing on him. Dh and I checked and rechecked because we couldnt' believe it!). I will start to cook again. Family members who are here all the time will come over less. I wil feel more comfortable having some of my friends and my children's friends over at the house. It will be wonderful, but it will be sad to not have them around. If I ever wanted to just chit chat, grannie was around to listen. If I wanted to run quickly to the store, the older two could stay home and it would just be babyboy and myself. We all will miss her cooking because it's yummy and I will also miss her cooking since it now mean I will have to cook!
But it will be nice to have more room, more freedom, more space, more privacy.

This morning was also bittersweet because hopefully we will not be living in this home when they return from Florida for the summer in several months. And so, today marks the end of an era so to speak. We will move out and they will be alone again. In the long run I think this is the best for everyone, but yet it is sad. We will miss each other's company. We will miss the ways they help us out (which were plenty) and I assume they will miss the ways we helped them out. I have watched my children grow pretty close to their great-grandparents and I hope that after we move and when they return to the house, I can still maintain that relationship. Because it would be so sad to see it slowly fade away.

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