Monday, November 27, 2006

Christmas shopping ...

Almost done.
I did most of it today on-line.
It was nice. No crowds, no lines, no getting up early, no needing to park, no worrying about either babysitters or dragging kids with, no need to even take off my pajamas!
And I got about, oh 75% of my shopping done. The things I didn't get on-line (because they were out of stock) are popular items this year apparently and I'm not sure that I would have gotten them today anyway.
DH did a bit of shopping today as well. Between the two of us we are almost done.
It's such a nice feeling. We will go out Thursday night to try to find what we couldn't today - mostly because the girls will be at Awana so it will be easy to shop since we still need a few more things for them.
The best part of it all is that we are coming in right at budget. I have been known in years past to spend a bit too much money at Christmas time ... not like I've put us into debt, just gone over what we have planned to spend.
This year I have done a very good job. Mostly because I know the better I do with the Christmas budget, the more I have to spend to decorate whatever house we buy LOL! It's pretty darned good motivation truth be told.
I think we are set to have a pretty nice Christmas overall. A few nice things for each of the kids - enough to be a great Christmas, but not too much to make it overkill. The girls are each getting 3 presents just for them, 2 that will be for both of them and then stockings. Babyboy I spent a whopping $35.00 dollars on - although I need to get a few stockign stuffers for him.
I think it's just perfect ... not too much but not skimpy either. I did splurge on my dh big time. Every year he never asks for anything. This year he asked for stuff! I was so overwhelmed that I picked out some nice things for him! I can't wait =)

We pulled all the decorations out today so I'll start that tomorrow. Along with cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning! I will have a MOMS club board meeting here Thursday and would like the place to look mostly clean ;-)
And I'm planning a grand Christmas party at the moment too! I think it will be a grand time for sure! =)

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