Friday, November 17, 2006

Good day!

Today was a good day. It was actually a great day truth be told!
First I went to the YMCA and had a "commit to be fit" appointment.
I did the eliptical for 10 minutes (went .79 miles), the treadmill for 15 minutes (went .97 miles), and the bicycle for 15 minutes (went 3.1 miles), and then did some nice stretches.
It was good! I have to do this at least 3 times a week for 2 weeks and then I will have another apointment to add some weights to the routine.
It was nice to go work out. It was even nicer to take a shower afterwards AND blowdry my hair. That doesn't happen much at home these days! The girls stayed home and babyboy went into the nursery and I had a break.
The only downside to this whole thing is that babyboy did not appreciate being in the nursery. He did not let the staff put him down once and cried off and on. :-( That broke my heart. He started that on Sunday at the church nursery - being so upset with being left. It wasn't his first time in the nursery, but the first time he got so upset. I do hope this is just a small phase that will quickly pass. It breaks my heart to see him so upset. But yet I feel like I need this time.

So, back to good news ... came home to a waiting lunch and my aunt offered to take the girls to her house and I said YES! Babyboy and I ran some errands ... went to target and finally purchased my first Christmas present for the season (yes, I am feeling quite behind right now!). Got the perfect birthday present I was searching for.
Went to the local Jo-Ann Fabrics to get some yarn (which I have been trying to get for ages now) and they had it in stock! Woo-hoo!! And to top it off, they were giving free massages there - yes, I know it seems odd, but there is a "Advanced Physical Medicine and Therapy" place near-by (they have physical therapists and chiropractors) and they were doing a promotion. It just so happened that babyboy fell asleep in the cart, so I said, sure! Give me a free massage! How could I pass it up? I simply couldn't. So I got my free massage ... I will say this about me though - hook. line. and sinker. I bit the bait ... I have an appointment with them - I get two free appointments - and yes, I did get it in writing and there is no fine print or little astericks so no surprises when I go. The therapists there today said they have had luck with TMJ patients in the past, so I figure it can't hurt! They will even check my insurance coverage at my first appointment should I want to go back. I figure if I can get some help for my TMJ and have insurance cover it, well, why not try it? So far no dentist has offered relief and so it can't hurt to try.

Looking back, it's been a pretty darn good day. I'm excited tonight. I feel happy and up-beat and it almost feels like things are coming together pretty well. Very exciting overall.

I'm still bummed about moving, but we will try to stay as close to this area as possible when we search - which my first outing is Monday so hopefully we'll see some great houses, with the right price, in the right location! Please pray that it all comes together nicely for us if you have a moment. Thanks!


Smoov said...

I'm glad you had a nice day! The baby will get used to you leaving him for small stretches of time. Keep at it and try not to feel guilty! If that one short trip to the gym made you THIS happy, then you definately need to keep at it.

Anonymous said...

In my book, any day that includes a massage is a good day!