Monday, November 20, 2006

I had hoped ...

to come back tonight and gush about several houses that I saw. To say I found at least one house that I couldn't wait to show to dh. That one of the houses spoke to me and said "Buy me. Now."
But the houses that spoke to me today said "Do NOT buy me. I'm a terrible house" or "I'm an okay house. There is nothing special about me. I could work for your family, but well, I'm a house and a roof over your head."
Now don't get me wrong, a roof over our head is a grand thing - and I am grateful that I can afford that. But, I still want a house that I am excited about, that I want to show off to people, that I walk through and think "I love this part the most." And then round the corner and say "Oh, I like this part the most!" And just really love every part of it.
I didn't find that today.
Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow I will go look at another round of houses. If nothing jumps out at me, then I suppose maybe Sunday dh and I will go out together to look? Or sometime next week.

I suppose the other part of this might be that I have to readjust my wants. We don't have an endless supply of money ... we can't buy the biggest, the best, the nicest. I probably need to accept that fact. But who knows, maybe tomorrow I just might find something that excites me more. I will be crossing my fingers in hope that there is something out there. My dh is convinced there is a house that is perfect for us out there and that I need to be patient and we will find it. I sure hope he is right!

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