Sunday, November 12, 2006

Finally ...

a decision has been made.
We will definitely be moving.
The gp's have changed their mind about wanting to sell their house. Part of the problem was that they were afraid to tell us that fact. They thought that we would be upset if they told us that.
Of course, dh and I are of the opinion that as long as we know what the plan is, we are happy. So now the house hunting can begin. We can search in the open. No more wondering or waiting for someone else. We know where everything stands and that is, imo, a great place to be.
So now I'm excited and anxious to look at houses. Of course I will have to really reset my "dream" house to fit the house that we can afford. But it will be very nice to be in our own space again for sure. And who knows how wonderful we can make things then. Both dh and I are feeling a strain between us right now.
I realize this has been a common theme in my blog lately - but it's the sad truth. Being here has put a huge strain on our relationship. But, let's hope once we get into our own space that things will get better. Not that things are bad, they just aren't good. I'd like good. Hey, even better, I'd like great! That would be a nice treat ;-)

Anyway, the official house-hunting is underway. We'll see where that leads us .....

In a completely unrelated note, I have to admit I have new tv show that I feel hooked on - and I'm embarassed to admit what it is. I will hang my head in shame when I say this, but I'm hooked on Laguna Beach. I think that show is for teenagers. And I sit here and watch it. Real. Nice. I think I need to find something else to get hooked on. It's such a stupid thing to watch, but yet, it's a nice brainless activity and I think that's the draw for me now.

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Mel said...

I watch it, too!

Happy househunting!