Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Time to spare ....

I am sitting here with not much to do ...
oldest is out of the house, middle is resting on the couch and babyboy fell asleep. I have to leave in an hour to go look at a few more houses. I can't do laundry because it won't be done before we leave and I can't really clean what needs to be cleaned because I don't want to disturb granny, so I am sitting here with not much to do (okay, really, if I looked I could find plenty to do. So I guess technically, there isn't anything I want to do)
For fun I went and looked back at some old entries ... soon I will be upon my 2 year blogiversary (is that even a word?) of this blog and so I went back to read some of my earlier entries.
I came upon something extremely interesting ... my resolutions for 2005.
Let me share them now:
*Finish A's baby book (100%) NOT DONE
*Start M's baby book (100%) NOT DONE
*Finish Disney scrapbook (50%) NOT DONE
*Go to bed earlier (50%) NOT DONE
*make puppet stage for kids (75%) NOT DONE
*Organize some distinct spaces in basement for us
(25%) DONE
*drink more water (50%) DONE
*gossip less (30% LOL!) NOT DONE
*read more (60%) I DID IN 2005 BUT NOT THIS YEAR
*label pictures (80%) NOT DONE
*journals for kids (25%) NOT DONE
*worry less (25%) NOT DONE IN 05 BUT THIS YEAR
*relax more (25%) IN PROGRESS
*get wallpaper off the walls (100%) NOT DONE
*less time on the internet (20%) UH, NO WAY!!
*work out a few times a week (20%) JUST STARTED THIS ONE

Okay, apparently I am bad at sticking to my new year's resolutions! I swear I enter into these ideas with the best of intentions, but that follow through is what trips me up. I wish just thinking about things would mean they would get done. But alas, it doesn't work that way!
The sad thing is that in another month or so I'll sit down and make another list to try and follow for next year. And who knows, maybe next year I'll do better - I'll get more done and at the end of the year, I'll have the ability to cross out lots of things.
But for now, I'll be content with creating a long list and only getting a few things off of it each year. Besides, I enjoy making lists, creating them, thinking about all the things to do and organixing it on paper. It's fun. I don't like looking at the lists at a later date and actually doing what's on it though!

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