Tuesday, November 28, 2006

3 precious hours ....

Today I had 3 precious hours of some kid free time.
I was so very excited when my aunt called and offered to take the children for a few hours. Horay! Horay! I thought about all the wonderful things I could do ... read, knit, sew, just relax.
So she picked up the kids and first thing to do was take a shower - I was overdue. Which seems to be a common theme these days.
Then write the grocery list. Then off to one grocery store. Then to grocery store number 2. Then home to unload the groceries, work on some laundry, clean the living room and a bit of the dining room. And then I had a whole 5 minutes to relax before I needed to start dinner so it was ready when dh came home with the children.
So much for 3 hours of fun.
But it was nice to grocery shop without children. And I cleaned in at least half, if not less, the time it would have taken me to do it had I had children running around me.
So it was a good day none the less. And that means tomorrow I should hopefully have time to fit in some knitting during the day ... maybe during babyboy's nap time. Since I won't have to clean. Or worry about groceries. And that will be nice too =)

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