Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Day 2 ....

Today was even worse than yesterday.
I didn't know that was possible.
Our price range isn't even the bottom of the barrel .... but apparently it is. Because some of these houses I saw today had obvious issues - as in the windows would need to be replaced, carpet replaced, appliances very old, etc ....
Which, let's be honest, all that stuff is very do-able, but we are looking near the top of our budget. We would buy the house and not have money left over to do windows, carpets, counters, appliances, etc, etc, etc ....
It is very depressing.
The thing that really makes me sad is my dh and I are not poor. Especially considering the fact that we are a one-income family, we are doing pretty well. And yet, I can't find any decent houses - that would be mostly move-in ready in our price range. To get something like that, we'd need to add another 40,000 to our budget. To get a really nice house, we'd have to add about 100-200,000 to our budget! This is insane!

My only hope right now is one house we passed today that is for sale by owner. The house called out to me as we passed. We can't get in to see it until tomorrow at 5. Of course the house looks too good to be true for the price, so it either has something majorly wrong or is such a good deal it will sell tonight!
I am crossing my fingers. The outside spoke to me. The outside said "I am gorgeous outside and inside" and the info paper said it was in my price range.

I am really crossing my fingers and toes on this one. Hopefully dh will meet me to go see it because if it is nice, we will put in an offer right then and there. We will not wait. Oen of the houses I saw and liked yesterday sold last night. A few houses dh and I found on-line and wanted to go see, sold already. It seems that for a while now houses have been sitting and sitting on the market and then when dh and I decide to buy, they start selling!

Anyway, let's hope this house I look at tomorrow is gorgeous and beautiful and not already under contract.

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