Thursday, February 01, 2007

Just saying hi ...

Today we closed on our house. It went very smoothly (thank goodness).
We even managed to move over some boxes to the house. We officially emptied out one storage unit ... only 2 more to go plus everything in this house!
I came home and packed up a few more things.
I was mostly motivated by the a)big mess in the basement area and b)the fact that I'm having a scrapbooking get together tomorrow and the kids will be in the basement playing.
Now, I'm tired. I stayed up way too late. My house isn't nearly clean enough for tomorrow, I have bought food to serve these people lunch, and if anyone complains about anything tomorrow I may just burst into tears - both of being really excited about getting the new house combined with the low I'm feeling about, well, pretty much everything else!
Let's hope no one minds that my house isn't tidy and I have a chance to relax with a scrapbook and some other moms tomorrow!

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Tammy said...

Brandie, I think we all do what you are doing right now. You have so many things going on, with the new house, trying to get everything ready to move, and on top of it trying to be Martha.......I know, it's fun and yes you deserve having fun with your friends. After functions like these, I crash for at least half a day!! So, with that in mind, take care of yourself after you've had your fun today.