Monday, February 05, 2007

Holy Cold Batman!

It is COLD here.
It is 4 degrees. Of course that is without windchill, which makes it feel much much colder out there, roughly about 25 degrees colder.
The boiler in this house can not keep up. It is running and running and running and running. Part of my kitchen is sitting at 64 degrees right now.
I do not like the cold. This is not fun.
I'm freezing (and yes, I do have on long johns).
I finally remembered we own a space heater so that's helping now.
But brrrrrr!!!

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Anonymous said...

This morning when I took the kids to school it was -9. My face hurt just walking the kids from the car to the school door. I wish they had cancelled school, but I think it would take a foot of snow to do that, and they would still try to have school. LOL