Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Thanks ...

thanks for the well wishes and for the suggestions about the water heater.
We know that it is actually truely broken :-( It heats the water part way and then it's all cold. We get about 5 minutes of warmish-to-hot water and then that's it.
We called the company, apparently it's the internal thermometer they believe is broken ... it's reading the temperatures inside as hotter than they truely are.
They sent the part out and told dh it was "easy to fix" and e-mailed him the directions. He doesn't even own tools they say he needs (as they are not common) and he read through it all and said, there's not way he could do it. Sure, it would be easy to a plumber or someone who works with water heaters, but not for him.

Oh well. The furnace is being replaced tomorrow. We will be going from a furnace that was 52% efficient when it was new 20 years ago to a 92% efficient furnace. Too bad we don't have old heat bills ... I wonder if there will be a significant drop in the bill?

I am making little to no progress on unpacking. My littlest one has a stomach virus apparently. Which has resulted in him having no clean pants left, a very horrible case of diaper rash, and just being plain miserable all around. I feel so badly for the little guy - he won't sit down at all. It looks painful. Changing his diaper is pure torture on him. I'm actually letting him go without a diaper as much as possible to let some good air help heal him, but so far it's not doing much to help :(

Hopefully though this will pass quickly and the rash will heal and I can get some order in this home!

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