Thursday, February 22, 2007

Retail Therapy ...

Nothing like a bit of retail therapy to cheer up the mood.
And tonight dh and I shopped. And we shopped. We hit one Bed, Bath & Beyond and two different Target stores. Let me just say, I am not really poor. And let me also say that we spent enough that Target called to verify I made the purchases and someone did not steal my credit card and go crazy. But we needed things for this house and so we bought them. And I even liked everything we got! We changed things a bit from the original plan so soon I will need to paint the basement bathroom, but that shouldn't be too bad. For now the items in the bathroom don't match the wall so well, but I'll live with it for now!
And yes, I am feeling a bit better about everything - although the dryer is still broken along with the water heater. But I had a realization today - I had been saying from the time we put in the offer to the closing that getting this house was a miracle. That it was under priced and should it have been priced correctly we wouldn't have been able to get it, that if we had waited just 10 hours to put in our offer, the house would have already been sold. That despite a few set-backs ironing out details, we managed to get passed it and make it to closing. That the interest rates being were they were helped us even look in this price range. Too much should have happened to make us not a)see the house b)be able to afford the house or c)be too late to make an offer on the house. And it didn't happen. And I really felt that all of that meant there was a bit of divine intervention in getting this house and we were supposed to be there.

If I really and truely believe that, then I can't let a few issues with the house make me upset and give me a feeling of buyer's remorse because that would mean one of two things. That I thought God messed up with the divine intervention OR that it was never divine intervention to begin with and instead was just dumb luck.
I agree with neither of those sentiments, so I have to assume that what is happening now is simply all a part of a plan. It will be fixed someday and that my family and I are indeed, supposed to be in this house at this moment and so I should suck it, make the best of it, and relax and enjoy all the things that are not going wrong.

This is what I decided today while showering (in hot water back at our old house I might mention!) And so, I will make an honest effort to stop complaining and whining and just try to deal calmly with all that is happening. However, I will most likely still complain and vent from time to time. It is, afterall, something I am quite good at!

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