Thursday, February 15, 2007

Still searching ...

for that feeling of peace and calm over here.
Everything just feels like it's being magnified about 1,345,157,267,262,742,753 times and it isn't making for the best of days.
I am trying to stay calm and cool and not completely lose it.
I still yell too much. I get far too frustrated with the kids. I am very argumentative these days.
I stay up too late trying to pack our things up and then rush around the day trying to straighten out the chaos left behind from packing. I lose 2 hours during the day when I nap with babyboy because I'm just so tired.
I can't pack during the day .. my helper-baby takes out what I'm putting in. Or he rearranges piles of things that have been sorted out. So if I want to get anything done, I have to stay up late. ::sigh:: It's not a good pattern nor a great lifestyle right now.
But despite everything going on around me, I just want to find a bit of peace or a way to bring the edge off. Just even getting rid of that edge would be a very nice thing indeed. If anyone has any ideas to do this, please share. Of if you are the praying sort, please pray that I can find some peace. Thanks

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Smoov said...

That's ironic how you just said that you yell to much and get frustrated with your kids when I had just posted about that on our board!

Take your own advice! They are just kids, let it go.......

But, moving sucks. Packing sucks worse. Good luck!