Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's contagious!

Apparently, the need to start a business is contagious in my house.
My 7 year old recently came to me and told me she wants to start her own business. What does she want to do? Make lip balms and soap and sell them to her friends. Now, you may be wondering, where on earth did she get that idea?
I will tell you! From the show Creative Juice on diynetwork. She watched them make it one day and decided that would be the perfect thing for her. Why does she think she needs to start a business you may also be wondering ... well, she wants to buy herself Blendy Pens. She is also thinking she might want to get the Bedazzler too, but she's not quite sure about that one.
So today we looked up the cost of supplies. We figured out how much it would be to follow the recipe we have (the only problem is that I am not sure how many tubes of lipbalm the recipe fills ... could be 1, could be 10). We figured it might fill 1 or 2 and did some calculations based on that. We figured what she could sell them for, how much she would have to pay me back for supplies, how much mom would make her save, and then how many she would have to sell to buy her blendy pens.
It is cute. She is so excited. She wanted to buy all the things today. We even talked about how she might not want to use all her money for blendy pens ... she might want to use some to buy some flavorings in case she wants to make more. She wasn't so excited about that idea, but became more excited as we saw we could flavors like root beer and grape and orange and lime and all sorts of fun things to a 7 year old!
I am game. I figure why not allow her to try to make something, to try to earn a little extra money to buy frivilous toys that she'll probably lose interest in a week after they arrive here - better her 20 dollars than my 20 dollars for sure!
The only catch, I told her, was that it had to wait until we were moved, and mostly unpacked and mostly settled into the new house. Which I don't think is an unreasonable request. She didn't agree with me too much, but thankfully didn't whine about it either. I think she is so excited about getting the opportunity to try it out, it's okay that she has to wait a bit.
I am excited to do this as well ... bring it into schooling and give her something good to work on. It will be fabulous I think!

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