Saturday, February 24, 2007


Right now I am just trying to relax and breathe.
The NEW furnace is not working. The furnace I just paid a heck of a lot of money for is NOT WORKING. So they came to look at it today and they say that the problem most certainly is not their furnace, it's our ductwork. Granted the ductwork was fine BEFORE the new furnace was installed and the old furnace was actually a higher BTU furnace.
But it's okay. It's okay. I am going to just relax. And I'm going to breathe. And I'm going to let my dh call and tell them to get out here and fix it.
Anyway, the last few mornings we have woken up to the house being, oh, 58-60 degrees. It's not very warm and I don't appreciate it.
But, I will let my husband deal with it. I have to admit, I'm starting to wonder if the house might just in fact be cursed. I'm trying not to. But our new TV is not working properly. The new furnace is not working. The fridge breaking the other day, the water heater, the dryer, I can't help but wonder what will break next. Despite wondering about it what might break next, I am trying to not make it a thought at the forefront of my mind.

And a few good things have happened to help me not stress too much about all that is not working and breaking around here.
First, neighbors came over today to say hi and introduce themselves! And they were very nice and brought us some very tastey blueberry bread. YUM! It is almost all gone and it was brought over, oh 2 hours ago? The only reason there is any left is because we decided to save some for dh who is out. On an interesting note, my son's name is C---- T---- (and then our last name). The husband's name next door is T----- C-----***. So I won't be forgetting his name anytime soon! LOL!

***Adding to this .. the neighbor's first name is my son's middle name and my neighbor's last name is my son's first name. I commonly call my son by first and middle name as one, so their names are the same, just switched. IE if the neighbor were named John Doe then you can assume my son is Doe John. (obviously I have not used th real name to illustrate this point.)

Also, someone came to look at the water heater today. He says it's fixed. I have no reason to doubt him. So tonight, I am hoping and wishing I can finally try out my whirlpool bathtub. And the timing will be perfect as we are supposed to get a snow/sleet/ice/rain storm starting late this afternoon and continuing through Monday. So, a nice warm bath is exactly what I think I'll need.

And we've unpacked a few more boxes. Dh has lots of plans tomorrow to hang up curtain rods and get curtains up and all kind of fun things like that. It's starting to come together and that's a good feeling for sure!


MissKris said...

Oh my...what a streak you're having! But this too shall pass, sweetie...hang in there. In our early years together it seemed like one crisis after another...right after my first baby was born, my Dear Hubby had to have a kidney removed so it was major medical bills and worrying about whether or not he'd get on the road of recovery. A very dear friend of mine in Perth, Australia, and I have the "99/1 Rule" we try to live by...99% of what we fret about never comes to pass...the 1% that does -- well, we face it, deal with it, and go on. That's helped us both in times of great stress. Hope your day is lovely of the neighbors to bring by the blueberry bread! We're surrounded by great neighbors...what a blessing they are! (((HUG)))

Smoov said...

I don't get the name thing you mentioned since you didn't give us the names! We can't share in the coincidence or the funny if you don't give us the names, silly.