Thursday, February 15, 2007

Can I ....

hire somebody to finish packing our stuff up and then unpack all items sitting at the new house?
I go over there with many grand plans and then get almost nothing done. Why? Because I have children, and one of them is quite young and needs mommy. And so I can't get much done.
And also I have trouble lifting boxes because my back and some of them are heavy (well, heavy to me, but not to most of the world). And dh is hardly around so I can't just label boxes with the rooms he can move them to for me.
And of course, room. We apparently have too many things. They will not all fit into this house. Well, okay, they might all fit someday but right now we are severely lacking shelves and cupboards to accomodate all the crap we have. And we are severely lacking the money to buy the shelves and cupboards that we need to accomodate all the stuff we have.
Am I rambling yet? I think I am!
But I want to be moved in. I thought I would get some stuff done tonight with dh's help. He thought differently. His thoughts won.

I believe Saturday we will move everything out of this house once and for all. Which means after that dh should be around to help me much more. And hopefully with all the toys and gates and fun stuff at the new house, the kids should be more self-entertaining and I can actually accomplish something.

However, at the rate I am going, I will have unpacked in the year 2022 and we should be able to afford all the furniture we need by the year 2037. So there is a light at the end of the tunnel! LOL!

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