Monday, February 19, 2007

We're Here ....

We made it into our new house.
There are still a lot of boxes to put away. There is laundry to do, shopping to do, cleaning to do, arranging to do, furniture to buy, and a million other things I could think of ...but we are here! And it feels very good.
We have now spent two nights here. The girls met some kids today and I was able to briefly say hi to another mother. So that's a good thing!
The children's rooms are in pretty good shape. The kithen is in pretty good shape. The rest of the house, well, it's a toss up! LOL! I figured we'll be unpacked in, oh, I don't know, maybe 5 years? Probably just in time to move again ;-)
For now I am going to look at the bright side of the new house and overlook the negative side of things ... which inlcude that we need a new furnace and the waterheater is not working. And our bed is not working. And we still have no sheets for it. And that we have too many things!!!
But all that side, I am loving our new house and enjoying it so far.
So far now, I'm going to go and unpack and clean and do all that stuff!


Lisa said...

The water heater may be set on "vacation". Check that before you call a repair man.

Anonymous said...

another thing may be that it needs to be reset..had that problem myself and felt like a fool when the repair man said.."found the proble, this little button right here needed to be pushed!! 45.00 service call to tell me to push a button..ARGGGGGGGG..think I am gonna be a plumber!! LOL