Saturday, February 17, 2007

Good-bye ...

Today was the last morning I will wake up in this house.
I am sad to leave it, but also happy to move completely into my new house.
As with many things in life, this move is bittersweet. And the houseis kind of torn as well - some parts look empty and bare and very sad. Other parts look as they have always looked - full and happy, just waiting for the grandparents to return from Florida.
Of course, we will back here many times in the future - that I know, still building memories, still having fun times, still laughing and crying, and I'm sure we'll manage to sneak in a few of grannies' yummy homecooked meals .... but it will different as we won't be living here.
Of course, there are some items we are leaving here for the moment - knowing we haven't worked out a spot for them in the new house or not sure if we will need them or not, so we haven't completely emptied this house out of our stuff. A little bit of us remains here and there. And I'm sure we've left some things that I'll miss terribly and think to myself - well why in the world didn't we bring that over here?
But, despite that, we are leaving this house. Moving out, moving on. And I'll miss this house.
So good-bye house. You have served us well the last 2.5 years. And who knows, someday we may just be back again ... the future holds lots of mystery ...


Tammy said...

Good luck on your new home. It is so exciting moving into a new home and so everwhelming at the same time. My thoughts are with you as you get everything situated the way you want it. You know what you need? My almost 13 yod to come play with the little ones so you can get more done. I'd come too and you could put me to work. To bad we aren't closer!!

Anonymous said...

BEST of LUCK and HAPPY HEALTHY YEARS in your NEW HOME!! Before ya know it you will have been in the NEW home for 2.5 years!!!
Southern Belle