Sunday, February 04, 2007


First, let me say a big congratulations to the Colts. That team outplayed us today without a doubt. They definitely deserved to win the superbowl.

Second, I am so disappointed! I had hoped for a win from my Bears. I had hoped they would go in there, that both offense and defense would show up for the game, that Grossman wouldn't throw interceptions practically everytime we got the ball, I had hoped we would have gone out there and played our a-game. We didn't. We didn't do that. I don't think we were half way to playing at the top of our game. And so we lost. A loss that we earned.

But still, I'm a bit sad. And of course, getting a touchdown on teh first play - the FIRST play - gave me such hope. But slowly that hope was chipped away until there wasn't much left.

Oh well. Maybe next year? I won't hold my breath though.

And again, my sincerest congratulations to the Colts.

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Anonymous said...

I know, that sucked didn't it? I got so excited at the beginning of the game. Too bad we could not keep that momentum.