Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Money Pit ...

Well, I'll be honest here.
That is what this house is starting to feel like.
As if needing a new furnace wasn't enough, God decided the water heater should stop working. And when that wasn't enough my son has diarrhea WHILE we have no hot water to wash dirty clothes in (and trust me people, we have a lot of them). And just when the ratings were getting good, someone in charge up there must have said "Boy this show is great. What we need to keep ratings high is something else to happen" and low and behold I have a dryer that doesn't really heat. I have to dry things for quite some time before they are dry!
I. Am. Not. Happy.

I keep wondering what else will go wrong around here. That is honestly what it is starting to feel like.

So now we are broke, need a new furnace, have to pay to get the water heater fixed, need to get the dryer fixed, need to get our bed fixed, buy a bunch of furniture that we don't even own (so it's not like I can wait and just keep the "old"), the dishwasher really should have new trays put in it (okay, really it should be replaced, but putting in trays will do it for now), we need to get a second freezer as the one here is tiny and isn't holding half of what we have (so yes, I have half my frozen goods sitting in the old house 35 minutes away).

So, welcome to home ownership to me and my husband and my family.

On the good news, I managed to unpack about 10 boxes today during little one's nap time which is amazing since I was positive I wouldn't be able to do anything.
And I have managed to use the entire day to dry 2 whole loads of laundry, which I suppose is better than drying no loads of laundry, but still, it should not take from 9am to 4pm to dry TWO loads of laundry! AAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH

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