Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I will relax ...

I will relax.
I will. I will. I will. I will.
I keep telling myself that, over and over and over and over. And yet, I just can't seem to relax. As much as I kind of want to move out of this house right now, well, I don't ever want to move and buy a house again.
It seems that each day brings a discovery of another item broken. Today it was one of the fridge draws. There was a crack in it and it gave way today and it will no longer slide in or out of there. And although it's just a minor, very minor thing, I want to cry over it. And at the same time, I keep telling myself, it was just a drawer - at least we don't have to replace the fridge over something like that!
[Although my 7 year old told me "Oh, it broke. Good. I didn't like that fridge anyway. I want one with the water thing on it." I explained to her although I miss a water dispensor as well, we will not be buying a new fridge. She offered to get a job to help pay for it though, which I did think was sweet!]

Right now they are installing the new furnace, that will run more efficiently and save us lots of money in the long run. But once they are done and I can get into the basement again, I am not going to unpack boxes, I am not going to organize things or clean. I am going to go into my craft room and do something, anything, that will help me to relax a bit. I just need to do something aside from think about the house!

In other disappointing news, our current cable plan doesn't include BRAVO tv, which has several shows I enjoy watching currently running and some shows I like to watch which will be starting soon. I did not realize this fact until I was ready to settle in and watch The Real Housewives of Orange County - which may not be serious television, but is entertaining to me none the less. Tonight I will sadly miss watching Top Design. It's such a stupid thing, to not get this one channel, but man, I am so bummed about it! We can't figure out why Bravo is considered premium cable here, when everywhere else it's just part of the regular cable. But it is. Dh told me to e-mail our cable company every day until they change it. I wonder if it would really work ... but won't bother to try it out. I think instead I'll try to get a business where I can earn the whole 25.00 a month it would be to bump us up to the cable plan that has Bravo on it ROFL!

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