Thursday, March 31, 2005

Our family just got bigger ...

and no I'm not pregnant!
My 5 year old has an imaginary friend. Her name is Piper. She turned 1 today. We had cake and ice cream to celebrate. She is living with us becuase her parents died in a tornado in Florida. Before Piper lived in Florida, she lived in India, France and Aurora. Piper has amazing verbal skills for a one year old. Last night her and Abigail and the same bad dream.
Piper also isn't completely imaginary.
I have to reiterate here .. my dd is 5.
Piper is some of that grass from an Easter basket wrapped up in tissue paper. She is also covered in lots of tape, and of course, being made of tissue paper and all, she gets lots of extra tape put on all day long.
I think this is absolutely hilarious, but of course, am not laughing in my dd's face! I'm not sure why Piper has joined us now. Piper is very nice though, and not troublesome at all. I do wonder how long Piper will be with us? And what will happen then the tissue paper is ripped beyond repair? Part of my wants to run out and buy more and "replace" Piper during the night, but then again ... I don't want to do that either! LOL!

Anyway ... it's kind of cute to see this happen. And my 5 year old is really taking care of Piper and being almost like her mother. It certainly is cute, and sweet, and yet funny and hilarious all at the same time!

See that kind of blob on the purple pillow, partly covered with a blanket? That's Piper!

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