Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Blah ..

I'm feeling very blah-ish these days. I know everyone has those sorts of days, but I just feel like I have soooo many of them and I would like to see them stop.
Life is ... well, it's life. Nothing too new and exciting to report. Just the same old really. My oldest is acting funky ... I predict a fever at any moment honestly. My youngest has changed right before my eyes. It's hard to explain - her mannerisms, her sayings, it's like it all morphed and I just picked up on it. She is having full conversations with people these days. I'm used to a sentence here, a sentence there, now she can put them together. Today her OT was here and told M she had a new toy. Their conversation:
M - Oh. How much was it.
OT - About 8 dollars. What do you think? Was that a fair price?
M - No.
OT - Oh. What should it have been.
M - (thinking) 2.
OT and I laugh ...
M - Where you get it?
OT - At a store .. I think it's called the learning store.
M - (very excitedly) OH!
OT - Do you know that store?
M - (still excitedly) Yes! I like that store!

Of course, we've never been to that store and we've never heard of that store before. I was just laughing! It was a riot! It really sounded like she knew what she was talking about it! Too funny ... she's just picking up on all these little things, like how to have a full conversation about one topic, and it's amazing to watch!

Other than that, today I had to vaccuum one million times. We have ants in our house. It sucks. And what really sucks about it is that our table is over carpet. So I can't conveniently pull out the broom and sweep up crumbs. I have to get out the vaccuum, have the kids clear their toys, then vaccuum the carpet and then use the hose attatchment to get under the table legs becuase it's a billion pounds and doesn't move without some serious brute force. Of course, there is linoleum in the kitchen, so after that I have to sweep. Ugh. Not that I don't want a clean house, but seriously, I do believe it would be okay to go every other day on this process. But one little crumb gets left out and the ants come. So now I have to pretend I'm anal about having a clean house, when in reality I most certainly am not that anal about it. Not that my house is dirty and gross, but it's not normally spotless that much of the day! LOL!

Anyway, all these little ramblings ... really, it just means that nothing big or exciting happened today, so I have to talk about ants in my house instead.

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