Wednesday, March 16, 2005

This should be ...

required reading for everyone who is currently married and has children or is thinking about getting married and having children .... Grenade or Band-aid.
Seriously. It's good. She is an amazing writer and has a way of making her words connect to pretty much anyone reading it!

I also say this as someone who grew up with divorced parents. They sepereted when I was 9 months old and made it official when I was 3. I have absolutely NO memory of when my family was "together." But I'll tell you, it has affected me that my parents probably never imagined. They thought I wouldn't care becuase I was too little to know. But I wasn't too little to know in school that I only had a mom. I wasn't too little to get jealous when others talked about all the great things they did with the dads, or their moms and dads together. And I wasn't too young when I started to ask myself what was so wrong with me that my dad ... my own dad ... the very man who helped create me ... wanted absolutely nothing to do with me?

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Joanna said...

I'm here from Mel's blog. I tried to post there but couldn't so since you mentioned the same topic I can bless YOU with my thoughts. :)
My mom was pregnant with me at 17 in 1961. Her and my stepdad married when I was 3-they were 21. I was absolutely shocked when he left her after 25 years of marriage-I was 29 years old. No one saw it coming. My mom became an alcoholic to hide her pain. They remained friends, even though my dad lived with the woman he left my mom for. My mom finally divorced him for financial reasons in...1998 I think it was.
My dad has now left the woman he was with for over 10 years. They are still friends as well. At least these people don't burn bridges.
Even though I was married and almost 30 years old when my parents split up it affects me to this day. Kids, no matter what their age, never ever get over it.