Thursday, March 10, 2005

Insecure person requesting ...

I need comments! I know there are a couple people who stop by here periodically ... (yes, yes, I'm so obsessive that I check the hit meter statistics and even check how people get here) ... you gotta start to say hi! LOL!!
I'm too insecure ... I go a while without comments and start to think that I must have such bad BO it's coming through the blog! LOL!!
Okay .. that's all I had to say LOL!


Anonymous said...

I am here. The Blog was not letting me leave a comment all day today. I read, I just never think to comment!!

Mel said...

HI! You know I'm always here. Sometimes blogger won't let me leave comments though and sometimes I'm in a huge hurry! You know I love you, though!

Judy said...

Hi Brandie!

I'm here. I'm enjoying your homeschool seminar posts. My youngest is 20, and the only one I never homeschooled at all, but I STILL buy all the stuff I wanted, but couldn't afford at the time.

Hope you find an art teacher!