Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Grrrr .....

I have been trying to get here for several days now. Blogger must be having some big issues right now or changing something ...I don't know. But it's been very difficult for me to get to any of my blogs these last few days, and leaving comments on anyone's blog is nearly impossible these days ...

Anyway, in case you were wondering, I no longer hate everyone and everything. Now I just hate a few people out of that everyone group! ROFL!!! Same person I've had friction with in the past, just a new issue @@ Whatever. Too bad I will have to see this person for the rest of my life (or their life - whichever comes first). And I know that seems mean, but oh well. I am mean when it comes to this one person!

Aside from that, yesterday and today were both lovely days. We've had some good weather here. Yesterday was by far better than today. We spent most of the last two days outdoors and it's so nice. How can you be crabby when you finally get a day to wear no coat and haven't had one of those in about 6 months (maybe 5 ... either way ... too long!)? I couldn't be!

Spring is here. Life is good in my house. I'm not going to let anyone pull me down! My little family is getting along better than ever. We are happier than we've been and we are having more fun than we have had in a while! And well, that's all so great that it will take something big to stop that momentum.

Well, I suppose on a bit of a downer - my grandparents house is now empty. It will go up for sale soon. They lived there since 47 I think? A long time. My entire life they lived there. Everyone knows that address and phone number by heart. And now, it's gone. :-( I suppose life must go on, and we can't freeze that house or make it a permanent shrine to them, but it's hard to see it go. March ends soon and that saddens me. You see it was this month that we were supposed to take my grandparents to Washington DC to see the WWII memorial. My grandfather wanted to see it. He served his country in that war, and was so honored that he was able to do that. I know that memorial meant a lot to him - I can't imagine how many friends and fellow soldiers he probably lost during that time. I am thankful that he came back to us, that he came home, met my grandma and married her. But it's so sad. I still miss them terribly. My 5 year old asked if we could go to their house today adn when I told her no she said "That's right. They died. But don't worry mom. They aren't dead anymore. They are up in Heaven with Jesus and they are happy." And even though she's five, and she's the daughter, and I'm the mom ... it really comforted me. It's like, she's too little to just say something to make me feel better ... she's saying what she really thinks and feels. And so I have to believe that they are up in heaven, the two of them, happy to be together again and smiling down on the rest of us and probably trying to tell me to not be sad, but to celebrate the memories I had with them and now to celebrate the memories I am making with my children. And maybe I read to much into her statement today. But that's the feeling I got when my 5 year old was talking to me.

So anyway, things here are looking up. And I do miss my grandparents, but I am comforted thinking that they are together again and happy and now it's my turn to be happy too!

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