Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Happy Birthday ...

to my husband! =) I think he had a pretty good day overall, which is good!
We did go out to dinner tonight. We had a blast. We went ot Joe's Crab Shack. My 5 year old told the waitress it was her dad's birthday so towards the end of the meal, they had him ride a toy pony around the restaraunt as we all sang! It was great! I, fortunately, had a camera with me, so now I just have to hope the pictures came out! LOL! Then dh and my 5 year old went to the store, where he picked out his "birthday present." She wanted daddy/daughter time with him so we sent them to pick his gift together to get that time! She of course, also has planned a daddy/daughter swimming day and a daddy/daughter dinner as well! Too cute =)
I have to say I'm a bit sad for him becuase his dad didn't call him to wish him a happy birthday. The phone rang once and he said "Bet it's my dad!" And it wasn't. His momma called him, his granny called him, but not his dad. :-( Kind of sad. I would be bummed if my parents didn't call me on my birthday. But you know, really, maybe things were busy and they'll call tomorrow. Although, sadly, if I were betting, I'd bet they don't. But I hope I'm wrong. We are supposed to get together with them Friday, so maybe they are just waiting to say it in person? I hope so.
I did babysit today as I was supposed to. It ended up being a bit longer than I expected, but the 2 nieghbor kids are so cute and sweet! The youngest just started to walk ... I forgot how fun it can be to chase a new walker who wants to explore absolutely everything around! But we survived the baby-proofing the house and no one was hurt! LOL!
My 2 year old had therapy today. We picked up on some tracking issues she could potentiontially have. So we were given some issues to help here with that. If that is the issue going on, it would explain some other things going on with her! Not that we are super worried (okay, I am, but I am always super worried even when there is no reason to be) but it's nice to say "Hey, the issue is probably here, and it explains behavior x, y, z" Also, and not that this is important yet, but what we saw today would means she has a hard time looking down then up, like looking at a book and then a blackboard. I'd rather find out now than when she is in 5th grade and can't learn to take notes and we don't know why! Hopefully though, since we see it now, we can give her enough exercises to help her out.
Overall a good day, but I'm pretty tired. And I know I'm rambling! And people don't want to read my ramblings so I'll stop!

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Sheri said...

oh my!! I can't imagine that my DH would ever agree to riding the stick horse around the restaurant. (Having a hard time spelling that today). But I bet the pictures are great.

I totally know what you mean about just "knowing" whats up with your child. We went through that (on a different level), and it was just such a relief to hear a diagnosis and be handed tools to help.