Monday, March 21, 2005

No favoritism ...

for celebrities, so they say. I think not.
Not that I 'm following the trial closely, but apparently Michael Jackson was late to court today, the second time thus far. And he has not been punished for it, despite threats from the judge.
What a crock! If it were me, there would have been a fine (or whatever she told him). Only Jackson could get away with it.
It's like being around other parents who tell their kids "You better stop, by the time I count to 3. One .... two .... two and a half .... Stop it! I said stop it. I mean it. This time I'm counting and if you don't stop, you will be in trouble ... 1 ... 2 .... come on little Suzy Q. Please be a good girl for mommy. I'll buy you ice cream if you behave!"
I hate watching that.
And I hate seeing that Jackson is getting special treatment because he's a celebrity.

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Sheri said...

LOL! I swear to you I have a friend who says "Do you want a spanking? If you don't XXX on the count of 15 (YES FIFTEEN) I am going to spank yoy!! 1...2...3....15...Okay, now you've had a warning! You don't want me to get mad do you?..."

Usually at this point I just walk away,which I am sure the child is wanting to do also.