Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Another good (half) day!

Today started gorgeous again! My 2 year old even had physical therapy outside today for half her session. It was nice.
After that we hung out a bit, and then we walked to the store. The total trip time was 45 minutes ... however, we walked there, stopped off at a relative's business to say hi (it was on our way) then shopped and walked home. Most of the groceries, minus 3 bags fit in the stroller, but we made it home just fine. Although, for the last block I was dying! LOL! Of course, I was impressed becuase I thought I would be breathless before then.
We came home and ate lunch. Then we all sort of just rested. They predicted rain so we kind of hung out inside. At 3:30, it still hadn't rained, so 5 year old and I went outside to play (2 year old was sleeping on the couch). We drew with chalk, jumproped, and played tag (now that game made me feel really out of shape! Holy cow! I think my 5 year old runs faster than I do! ROFL!!). Then it really started to get windy and we could see the rain clouds coming. Now, it's raining.
We are under a severe thunderstorm warning and a tornado watch. My 5 year old is wondering if we need to be prepared for a tsumani. Which isn't so funny knowing what just happened, but it kind of is since we live in the middle of the United States. That would be one big tsunami if it hit us.

On some more good news, I think my waistline is getting a little trimmer. My jeans feel loser on me! Yeah! I don't regularly measure myself, so I dont' know if it's true or not, but it feels true and that's good enough for me! LOL!

Anyway, apparently it's supposed to rain pretty much off and on all night tonight, so it will be a good night to curl up with some knitting projects! LOL!


Sheri said...

Tornado watch huh? We just went through our "First one" ever. (Just moved to Ok. from Ca.) I didn't realize how much it had scared my 4 year old until yesterday when I jet flew over head and he started screaming "It's a tormato!! It's a tormato!!"

Anonymous said...

It was beautiful yesterday, but it got really windy by lunchtime here. We got some decent sized hail last night in the storms that came through by us. We are so used to tornado warnings, I don't pay much attention to them unless I hear there is a funnel cloud headed our way. I have never "officially" been in a tornado, but i have been pretty darn close. Don't ya just love spring in Chicago???