Friday, March 04, 2005

Nervous ...

Tommorrow is my first knitting day. It will be easy though - I don't have to teach my first class until Sunday. However, from noon to 5 I have to sit at the store, at a table, and generate as much interest as possible! LOL!! We'll see what happens. I hope it goes smoothly, that it's fun, that I'm awake (and not starving!) and that I do get some people interested in signing up for a class or two tomorrow!
Then on Sunday, I have my first class! There are a whole 2 people in it! Maybe there will be more if anyone tomorrow decides to sign up for it ;-) Of course, I'm not holding my breath for that one! LOL!

Tonight went well. It was good. We'll have to do it again (at least I hope we do it again soon). My 5 year old did some puzzles with her grandparents. She really enjoyed her time with them. I hope we can do it again soon.

Anyway, I'm ready for warmer weather. I tired of the cold. I'm becoming more and more moved by the news, or shall I say lack of news, these days. How many times today did I have to hear about Martha playing with her dogs, or visiting with her horses, or giving reporters hot chocolate? Too many times. Seriously, this can not be the biggest news in America right now, can it? Why are we so obsessed with her? Yeah, I get she's interesting. She went to prison and earned millions there. But, Martha is not the only thing going on in the world right now, and frankly, I'm sick of hearing about her!

Oh well .... other than that, today was a good day. I managed to clean the house, and did even more than I planned on doing! LOL! My 5 had a friend over so they played and had fun. I finished watching a movie I didn't like by playing the DVD on 2x speed. The actors did sound like munchkins, but I wasn't impressed with the movie, but yet, wanted to see the end of it. Which, ended up being extremely disappointing. Oh well! And I'm half-way through the poncho I had hoped to finish by noon tomorrow. Blah. I was hoping to be farther along. But, oh well! I suppose if I hadn't been half-way through before I realized I made a huge error and had to rip out everything but the first 3 rows, I would be finished by now! But what's done is done! LOL!

Anyway, this week was overall okay. I'm thinking next week will be even better though, which is good!

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