Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Why I love ....

I will tell you all why I love comments - since I've been getting quite a few these days (thanks to Mel)

Here is my list

1. Someone might say they completely understand/agree with what I'm saying. This means I am not the only person in the world who is thinking that and I feel a slightly bit more normal than when I thought I was the only one. It's nice to not feel alone out there ....

2. Someone might say something interesting that makes me think more about what I was talking about than I thought before. Or someone might say something that I hadn't yet thought about and then I'll be thinking again! And I do enjoy thinking (despite the fact that some might argue I don't do it nearly enough LOL!)

3. Someone might disagree and challenge me. I might say, hmm, that's interesting, I need to look into this more. Ultimately my opinion gets strengthened OR an amazing thing might happen. I might say, why, gee, I think I was wrong before! And wa-la, my opinion, my way of thinking has then been changed.

4. I can follow the commenters back to their blogs and then discover some great blog I have not yet discovered! How fun and wonderful (I have added quite a few blogs to my blogroll over the last few days).

And that my friends is why I love comments!


Cindy said...

Brandie, I love comments too. I'm really deflated when a post gets no comments at all, especially if it's something I worked on and thought was pretty cool.

BTW, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog!

MissKris said...

Hi, Brandie! I read Mel's blog on a fairly consistent basis but haven't gotten to it this week until today...busy week for me, let me tell ya! Anyway, I came by to say hello! Not only did I read the "Tired" entry, I read the whole page and enjoyed it very much. One bit of info I can pass on to you about increasing your blog traffic is "pinging" your blog. Have you ever heard of this? I use three different pinging sites, plus one for OrBlogs, which is a community of Oregon Bloggers that I belong to. If you're interested in links to the main ping sites, please email me and let me know you're "Brandie from Blogspot" and I'll be happy to pass them on to you. Please stop by and get acquainted at my blog site...the door is always open! :-)

Smoov said...

I love the comments too, for the same reasons you mentioned! While I read often, I don't always comment, I need to be better about throwing in my $.02.

Keep writing! And you are not alone, even though we have never met, I feel like I have "known" you since 2002 :)

Mel said...

I love comments, too. Without comments, blogging feels like shouting into a canyon. It's nice to be heard!