Wednesday, October 04, 2006

From bad to worse ...

Now my oldest is puking @@
I. Can't. Take. Much. More.
What's worse is that at this piont I may not be attending this weekend's wedding. I will just cry if it comes down to that. Ugh. It makes me want to be sick just thinking about it.

But, right now I am assuming I will be attending. And I still have nothing to wear! I went and tried on dresses last night, I went tonight. I am going crazy looking for something to wear - and yes. I should have gotten something sooner - however, I wasn't planning on my van being in the shop twice and the kids being sick. I had planned on being all set to go by the end of last week. Oh well. I will take the hand I am delt with. And I made an appointment with a personal shopper at Macy's for tomorrow. Now, I have never had a personal shopper before. I am not quite sure what to expect. Well, okay, I expect her to find me an outfit, shoes and maybe some accessories to go with said outfit. I am NOT having luck looking for something myself, so I decided to get help. Now, I also decided to do it because Macy's offers it at the store near me as a complimentary service. So basically I'm doing it because it's free. And because I asked for help yesterday in several stores. Explained what I was and was not looking for. And had the employees basically bring me exactly what I said I didn't want. And then when I would say "No, I don't really like that dress very much" and you know what, I was brought basically the same dress in another print. "Um, no, I don't like that style" and I was brought basically the same dress in yet another style. "No, really, remember I tried one on like that already and it didn't look very pretty on me at all? I don't want that sort of style." And what did they bring me, pretty much the same dress in another print. Okay. I get it. Stop asking for help and start looking on my own. And then I struck out when looking on my own. Well, we will see what happens tomorrow. And, the truth of the matter is that it might not even matter because I still don't know if I will be attending or not. Which I just might have to break into tears right now when I think about missing the wedding :-(

In other news, basement area is still not back in order, so we are still not schooling. I figure we won't be doing anything until Wednesdayish of next week. I won't even touch the basement tomorrow and :::crossing fingers::: we leave by 9 am Friday and get home Sunday afternoon. Monday we are out pretty much all day, Tuesday we will start to put everything back together which means Wednesday we should be able to resume using the basement as normal. I surely hope so. I miss my basement (and to be honest, I don't love the basement to begin with!). But the basement is our space. And I miss being able to go into our space.
Soon enough ... and hopefully all the kids will get healthy (by tomorrow morning preferably) and we will have a grand weekend at our friends wedding. And then, then I will stop complaining all the time!

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