Tuesday, October 03, 2006

When it rains, it pours ...

literally ...
last night it rained and the water poured in our basement. So not fun.
Luckily, we were down there when it started to come in and so we quickly moved things, stacked things, rearranged things, pulled up important things.
Thankfully we didn't take in too much water (unlike earlier this year when we had a few inches of water that we didn't find out about until it had come in all night @@). But it sucks. I have a lot of things that are now lost, hidden and burried in that basement. It will probably take me several weeks to find everything.
And they are calling for more rain late tonight/early tomorrow ... oh yeah.

Anyway, I'm in a pretty not great mood. Kids are still sick. Babyboy still has diarrhea and now he doens't want to sleep. Most of my stuff is inaccesiable, my car is in the shop again, we have a wedding to go to Saturday. I tried on countless numbers of dresses tonight and found not one thing that fit me and looked like it was a) from this decade b)made for someone under the age of 60 and c)had my boobs hanging out.
I know, in the grand scheme of things, it's not that bad. But in my little house, in my little world things are just not going very well at all right now. If I survive until October 31, even I will be impressed with myself.


Smoov said...

Our Basement had a bit of a flood a couple of years ago. It sucked! We were able to find the problem and fix it so no more floods, but when Katrina came and flooded all those homes....I cringed because having water in your home is just wrong.

Hope you start feeling better soon! Just take life day to day, sometimes looking at stuff in smaller chunks helps to feel less overwhelmed.

Debbie said...

Oh no!! I hope you're able to get thing sorted out soon. We had our basement flood several years ago. It was no fun, that's for sure.

Hope that everyone at your house gets healthy soon. I sympathize with your wedding outfit dilema...took me forever to find something for my brother's wedding.