Tuesday, October 24, 2006

One more week ...

and October is over.
October is truly a month from hell for me to be quite honest! My dh has to work 7 days a week - on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I see him when he gets home and then he pretty much goes straight to bed (around 11-11:30pm). The kids only see him those days should they wake up and catch him before he leaves.
It gets rough honestly. I miss my husband. We just don't get much time together during this month and I hate it.
We have decided that next year it can't happen this way ... it's hard to not allow it to happen because he's helping a family business on weekends. And that makes things tricky. And of course, for a while, we needed every extra penny we could get! I used to be doing the same crazy thing - but then it was too hard to find a sitter and get the kids taken care of.
But soon it will be over.

This year, October ending has something else in store for us. Househunting should start up in November. I can not wait. Of course, dh is now saying we might wait a bit - but I told him I will start looking with or without him. We know we need to move. We agree we need to move. We both want to move. I'm not quite sure why he wants to possibly delay it at this point ... but alas, not so much time to talk about it these days ....

But soon it will be November. We've had quite the year this last year ... I can't even believe all that has happened over the course of 2006 so far. And when I really break it down, it's mostly little things. But there were a lot of little things that all added up to be a pretty powerful year for dh and I. I will be anxious to see this year pass, but at the same time it will be bittersweet.

Not only has it been a year for things between dh and I, but our children have grown and changed and surprised us (both good surprises and not so good surprises). I look at my children and am in awe honestly! One year ago today, there were only two of them running around, and now I have this third, amazingly happy, full of giggless and curiousity, constantly exploring, hardly sleeping, already quite opinionated little boy. I know it might sound cheesey, but there is something about bringing babyboy into this family that has really made our family feel complete. I see the girls with him, I see my husband with him, and Iknow how I feel about him - and it is all so wonderful. Don't get me wrong, I love my girls tremendously! Both of them are great and challenge my parenting each day in very different and distinct ways. But this baby, this third surprise blessing came into our family and changed it. Changed it for the better. I think this baby brings out something in each of us that is good for the entire family! Amazing. Wonderfully Amazing.

I am truly blessed to have my family. To have my husband. To have my children. So incredibly blessed.

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