Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Back ....

We survived the fun weekend! I tell you, Sunday was a bit hard ... we were enjoying ourselves until about 12:30 am and then I was up with the baby a few times and dh woke us up at 6:30. We were on the road home at 7:10! That was definitely not fun at all.
But the wedding was wonderful, the reception was great fun, and the after party was (mostly) a blast.
Only one thing/situation marred the weekend, but I'm trying very hard to forget it even happened and dh is going to take care of those parties that need some talking to about what happened and it is now officially out of my hands. Maybe in the next few days I'll share ... but for now, I'll keep that part of the weekend to myself.
I am so glad we were there and able to help them out. I'm glad we brought the kids, but also brought a babysitter with. The whole weekend was mostly fabulous and fun and a good break from all the things at home. Which was grand for me in all honesty.
Anyway, I'm glad the weekend went so well, and I'm glad to be back home! The basement is put back together now - hooray! And hopefully we will get back into the swing of things around here now.
And finally, yesterday, we went and signed up at the local Y. Yeah! I'm thinking we are going to even go swimming today - it's a blustery 50's outside, but at the Y, the pool temp is 86-88 and the air temp is 88-92. Sounds like a grand idea to me! LOL!

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