Monday, October 23, 2006

October is ...

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
In honor of that, I would like to sahre this link that I stumbled upon yesterday ...
No Room for Contraception.
I wondered at first if it was just one of those fake articles put on the internet to start controversy (which does happen).
It seems that the current thought process is that taking the pill does raise your risk slightly, but most woman are not taking the pill at the time that they are more likely to get breast cancer.
Birth Control Pills: The American Cancer Society says that women currently using the pill may have a slightly increased risk, whereas women who stopped using oral contraceptives 10 years ago probably don't have this risk. Most women who use oral contraceptives take them at a young age, when their risk of breast cancer is very low. from cbs

However, I do feel like I am hearing more and more woman getting diagnosed with breast cancer at younger and younger ages.

My dh also read an article last week that talked about a high rate of false positives in finding breast cancer on the bbc site ... I looked and can't find it so I'm hoping that he will go back and find it for me to share.
Very interesting .... something to think about for sure for me as a woman - my mom had a lump removed (not cancer though) and so it really is on my mind. I wonder if mammograms are really the best way to get checked out. I wonder when I should get my baseline - they say 35 and regularly at 40 ... but is that too late? I keep hearing about people in their early 30's having it.
Just on my mind right now as breastcancer items are everywhere during this NBCAM.

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