Tuesday, October 17, 2006

100% Content ...

Can you say you are 100% content?
I know I can not honestly say that I am. I'm just not. And I'm not at all about pretending I am. Although, I will admit there was a time when I surely would have lied and said why yes, thank you, I am absolutely content, all the while probably wanting to cry on the inside. But that little gig was not working in my life anymore ....
But I am sitting here and watching Oprah. She is talking to a young Amish couple and they said they were 100% content. Until that point, I wasn't really watching - the tv is on as background noise mostly. But it caught my ear and I had to listen.
I have to say, I'm jealous. I would love to be 100% content with my life, to find peace and comfort. And yet, I'm not. I am maybe 75% content? Maybe?
I am so caught up in the rat race, caught up in wanting more, doing more, being more, being better, being prettier, having more money, more fun, more time, more, more, more, more .... that's the name of the game for me right now. I can look around right now and see SO much excess in my life - mostly excess things. All these things I could easily live without. I can say here, I could live without it, but if someone tried to take them away, I'd list about 183,347,291 reasons as to why I need it. It's silly to think about really. I feel slightly embarrassed even putting it into words here.
And I think to myself "Here's your sign." My sign is apparently saying

Slow down
Stop always looking for more
Savor the now

So if I can learn to do that. And not just say I've learned it, but really truly believe it. Maybe I too can someday say I am 100% content.

How about you? Are you 100% content? How content are you?


Anonymous said...

Hello, I've been sent here from the Amazing Shrinking Mom so blame her for this comment.
My first thought to the Amish person was... "so its all about YOU being content eh?"
My second comment was somthing like the first. Once you've found something like this what do you do with it? If I read the Bible correctly I'd preseume it would be to bring that same kind of happiness to others? Not just sit back and enjoy the ride. Tragically I doubt anyone will ever find perfect contentment in this world. It is not designed that way. We are meant to struggle here, Adam was told that he had to, basically, sweat to get food and within reason thats what is needed.

So there, and don't forget to blame this all on Mel....

Drake Steel

coraspartan said...

Hi, I'm here from Mel's blog. I doubt there are very few people in this life who are 100% content. The Amish couple are lucky if they are truly 100% content. I'd say in general I'm about 80% content...so about the same as you. I feel like I always need more, more, more, too whether it's time, or money, or fulfillment. So I guess we are all striving towards that 100% goal. I have to say that I don't know that it's necessarily bad that we're NOT content; it gives us something to work towards!

Ottoette said...

Contentment is a wonderful goal, I think. Not "happy", but content. Per dictionary.com content is "satisfied with what one is or has; not wanting more or anything else." A fabulous goal for the consumer-based US society. I've actually been working on increasing my satisfaction with my great life lately.

Anonymous said...

Mel sent me from her blog. So what I want to say is that based on what dictionary.com say content is, the Amish would be 100% content because they don't have all the new age gadgets and things that we all think we HAVE TO HAVE. A person can be content with their lives if they don't know what they are missing out on to begin with.

Smoov said...

This is a big concept, this being content business! I have struggled with that for my entire life. I am always looking ahead, at what is coming next. And I wanted so much not to be that way. But you know what? There is NOTHING wrong with wanting more, if the more you seek is something to fill your soul. Wanting more material things is a sickness that many people fall into, and that isn't the wanting I am talking about. Wanting to be a better person is great, and that is the kind of want I am trying to focus on now. I want to be a better mom, that's a good want. I want to be a better friend, wife, these are good wants.

So wanting more in itself isn't bad, you just have to look at what it is you are wanting and sort that out.

Now, I understand the rat race too. Doing some yoga and reading about Buddhism and meditation helped me to learn to sit still and to breathe. It sounds hokey, but honestly, yoga and/or meditation really does work to calm you. Just being still and focusing on your body movements and your breathing is very, very relaxing and helps you to center your mind, which enables you to focus on the things that are good for your soul!

I really don't want to be 100% content, I hope that I always hunger for more and to be a better person. We all have room for improvement in our lives.

Linds said...

Hi I am here from Mel too.
Wanting more is not the issue really, is it. It is wanting better.Better chances, better life. Things are not going to give you contentment. The intangibles will, like more laughter, love, friends etc. Memories are what count. When my daughter had a gap year and went round the world at 18, she had very little money, and I told her not to buy things, but have experiences. She would not trade those memories for anything. Contentment comes from knowing you did your best. You are living life as fully as you can. Good grief. I seem to be on a soapbox again! Just enjoy today!

Tammy said...

I'm back. when you posted on my blog that you visit mine, I thought, "Wow, someone I don't even know IS visiting my blog". So not only have we added to the comments of your blog, you have added to mine. Thank you.

For me to be content, slowing down, savoring life with my kids right now. I know I won't always have that time with them as they are almost 17 and 12 1/2. One is already doing some college classes, but fortunately he is still home. I like to think I am content if I can just slow down. Yes there are times that I have that more syndrome, but as I see how much we have already, it happens less and less.