Thursday, October 26, 2006

I remembered ...

I remember the other thing I wanted to blog about yesterday ... I wanted to make some more comments on comments! Yes, one could argue I am a bit obsessed with them ...

Anyway, I enjoy getting them so much so, that I make a point to leave comments all over the blog world each and every day! I read way too many blogs in all honesty ... I have roughly 100 feeds on my bloglines account :X Which really, just goes to prove I read too many blogs frankly!

But I do try to leave comments on several blogs each day, knowing how much I enjoy getting them I think it's only fair to give them as well.

That said, sometimes comments have to be approved by the blog owner. And sometimes those owners do not approve my comments. And then I get all nervous. And I think that maybe I said something they didn't like, or they came to my blog and didn't like it, and all sorts of wierd things. Probably I should think they didn't have time to read and approve my comments, or maybe they get so many spam comments they simply just do not approve when they don't recognize the name or maybe they are not as obsessive about these things like me!

Anyway, there really isn't too much to say aside from that.

I had my first moms club function as president today. It was interesting. A few people asked me what I do, and at this point I don't really know and was told by a few others today I can pretty much do as much or as little as I want. Interesting ... we'll see. I have some ideas which I hope will liven up the group a bit! On the same topic, my oldest told everyone that I was her mom AND the president, and even told at least one person she was so proud of me for being president! How cute! She is proud of me =) I feel quite special. But aside from all of that, we had fun at the party today - it was nice to get out and chat with people - several moms have babies within a 2 month spam of babyboy. Not so many my middle dd's age and no one my oldest's age, but that's okay ... they still made a few friends and had fun today too.

I loved being able to show off the girls costumes. I didn't even tell anyone I made them, but they had a few comments on how cute they were - it made me smile.

Right now, I have a baby on my lap. He is way too tired, but is fighting sleep a lot. So now he is on my lap - he lays on me for a few moments then pops up pretty quickly as if to say just kidding ma! I'm not tired! I don't want to sleep!! Party ALLL night long okay ma? Yeah!!! Woo-hoo! I'm crossing my fingers that we won't really be awake all night. Here's hoping we are both asleep soon!

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