Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Can someone explain to me ...

why it is North Korea can not afford to feed it's people - and people are starving to death in that country due to a very extended drought ... and yet, their government can afford to create and test missiles and most likely they just tested nuclear weapons.
Hmmmm .... I have really thought about this the last few days ... I just don't understand. Do the leaders of the country feel that threatened by the rest of the world that they felt they had to pursue these weapons? Or do they think that they would like to gain more power and that is a way to do it?
I guess I don't get why they allow such a great amount of bad things to happen to the people and use that money to develop weapons that can harm so many.

And really, I have been thinking about this, even though they have it (supposedly anyway - we still don't have complete confirmation that it was a nuclear weapon tested Monday) will they ever use it? I'm thinking it would be about one of the dumbest moves tehy could make, because if you really think about it (and let's hope they are really thinking about it, but I'm also tending to think they are not thinking per my question above) if they did use it, pretty much most of the industrialized countries in the world will rally against them and Pyongyang will be out pretty quickly IMO.

And what will we do about all that has transpired over the last few days? One, sanctions ... which will hurt the country sure, but mostly it will hurt the people in the country who are already hurting, which sucks. And 2, we will be increasingly paranoid about what happens - for example Japan had an earthquake yesterday and the initial thought was North Korea tested another weapon.

It's sad what is happening. And I think at this point, whatever is going to happen probably won't have a happy ending, especially for the people living in North Korea. :-(

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