Sunday, October 22, 2006


I am home now!
I had a nice weekend away, my girls had a WONDERFUL time. I had a good time. Babyboy had a grand time, but a) too many things for him to get into - the main room had 4 sets of stairs off of it and b) didn't sleep so well at all.
I am feeling pretty tired and worn out - but it was worth it =) I'm glad I went and visited with my cousin.
We chatted, watched a movie, I read a book, did like 15 minutes of knitting, talked, had fun, ate, and had a pretty good time.
I would like to go back, but honestly, next time I want to leave the baby home or wait until he is several years older! But, he had the most fun climbing up one set of stairs (about 6 of them to get to the upper level) and amazingly enough, he only fell one time!
The girls, with their new favorite "aunt" K, helped make Mickey Mouse pancakes, chocolate chip cookies, personal sized pizzas, then they got their fingernails AND toenails painted! They were on cloud nine most of the weekend. A was determined to move in there and M promised to visit again real soon. It was very cute =)

And it was a good weekend =)
But I have to say, it is great to be home, and when dh got home from work today, I rushed to hug him. I know it was only 3 days/2 nights, but I missed him sooo much! And was glad to be back with him =)

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