Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Party Time!

Well, the party is over and it was a great party.
I managed to have the house mostly clean - you know, as clean as it could be with the kids running around underfoot - and the food was all ready to go. People started coming. Two people came who hadn't been here before and dh nicely took them around to show the house - which I appreciated as I was still trying to take care of last minute details.
And then we were all here aside from one aunt. And all of a sudden my 7 year old runs in the house and shouts "Granny's here!" and I was very confused. Because granny and grandpa were not yet back in our state from their winter stay in Florida. But she was insistent and so I walked outside and missing aunt had brought granny with her! That was my big surprise for the evening =) So granny (and grandpa too lol) are home from Florida and last night granny was able to see most of the house. Stairs are hard so we skipped the basement part of the tour. It was so nice to see granny =)
So then the party went on. We saw the little sales presentation. I now want most of the items Taste of Home Entertaining sells LOL! But it was a lovely time and no, I won't buy all their items.
So it was time for the party to wrap-up. Granny was going to go home and my four year old burst into tears and just started to freak out. It was awful and heart-wrenching. She thought granny was moving in here with us. She has asked a few times when granny and grandpa were going to move in with us. We have explained to her several times that granny and grandpa were going to stay at their house and only we were going to move out. Obviously, she didn't quite get it. And last night it really hit home that we really were not living with granny and grandpa anymore. And it is very sad and it is even more sad now that they are back in town. My 4 year old even woke up and cried this morning about it some more.
But it is very nice that they are back in town! And I know that we will be over there to visit a lot. And although I do miss living with them (and honest to goodness, I do miss living with them very much!) but I have to say, I am also extremely thankful we are in our own home right now. And I love the new neighborhood and I love the life we are building here and now! But I will be back at granny and grandpa's often and I will always look back on our time with them fondly =)

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mama2dibs said...

It's so nice that you have such a close family. I think I could handle living with my grandma if I had too, but my parents? Ummm...no! One week is LONG enough. I do love my family though. Hopefully your kids will get used to the new living arrangement soon.