Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy Birthday ...

to ME! =)
Yes, today is my birthday! I love my birthday. I mean I really do enjoy them. I don't worry about getting a year older (although maybe that feeling will come someday but it has not yet!)
I love celebrating another year with the kids and my husband and my family. I love the cake or the ice cream or the pie we will eat tonight. I love singing happy birthday - as a matter of fact I sing it all the time for no reason and my son actually loves to hear it LOL!
I just love birthdays period and mine seems all that much more fun, because, well, it's mine!
Anyway, today I will be trying to soak it up, enjoy it, and love on my family as they love on me!


Jenny said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy BIrthday to you! Mine was on Monday and I too enjoyed it MUCHO !! I am MUCH older than you and STILL enjoy it, each and every year! BIRTHDAY HUGS to you

Jungle Mom said...

Happy Birthday. getting old beats the alternative! Dying!

Mel said...

Happy birthday (belated, but still.)