Thursday, May 03, 2007

A few things ...

First of all, Heather, whom I mentioned here, had her surgery today. Please send many prayers and thoughts to her and her family right now. And read updates here. I have to say though, it sounds to me like things are going as well as they can and that is good.

Second, I have a tiny update to say. Remember when I talked about feeling led to get to know someone, but wasn't sure if I was just crazy and should ignore that feeling or if I should follow it? (If you don't remember, that's okay, but it was here). And everyone who responded said, yes, follow your instinct.
Well, I did. First of all, I decided on Friday to follow through, knowing I would see her tonight. And my dd has asked a few times if her little friend can come over - so I felt like I was being drawn to the family and so was my 4 year old, so really, I must do something! So all weekend I have been completely knitting away at this blanket to give them for the newest arrival. Because of how things worked out, I actually ended up talking to the husband on Tuesday. Amazingly enough, he will be performing the dedication of my 2 youngest children at our church (isn't it funny how this is all coming together in this way?!). Anyway, tonight I told my dd who wanted to befriend this other child that she could give them the present from our family. She proudly handed it to the mom. Now, I know we shouldn't give gifts for the thank you's receive, but it is nice to feel the gift is appreciated, especially something hand-made. I have to tell you, that mom was so nice and thankful and seemed so appreciative of it. And I get that that isn't the point (but I will pause to say I once gave someone a hand-knit blanket, hand-knit baby booties to match and she opened it up, said "oh that's nice, what's next?" and threw it to the side and went for the next present. Seriously, heart crushing and really, even though the thank you is not the point, it was still hard to take that, kwim?) Okay, so anyway, back to where I was, she seemed so genuine and authentic in her thanks. Although it seemed to me if I had given her a quarter for the new baby she would have been thankful just that we even thought of the baby and did something, which I think more people (myself included!) should have that sort of attitude!
And my dd gave the other child a card with a nice message about becoming a big brother and maybe they could play sometime. And the mom said she thought that was a splendid idea to get together. And my heart is just so completely swelled up with emotion. I really hope they do call, and we do get together.

I have to say doing this felt so right and I know I was correct to act on my instinct (even if I did need pushes from my blog-buddies!) Anyway, we'll see what happens with all of this. But I feel good about all of this. I really do. And if for no other reason, at least my dd can have a friend over and get to run around and play for a bit.

Thirdly, I am almost at my 500th post! I can't even begin to believe I have 500 posts here! I want to do something very fun for it, but am not sure once. Maybe a contest, but Sam (winner of the last contest I threw) probably is shaking her head at this as it only took me like 4 months to get her prize out to her! ::hanging head in shame:: But, keep checking back! I want to think of something fun to celebrate number 500 =)

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Damselfly said...

It's great to give a gift and know the person appreciates it! Staying tuned for your 500th post celebration....