Monday, May 21, 2007


My oldest daughter's co-op classes are done for the year. Can I just tell you all how very excited I am about this? This year was not fun for me. Mondays actually depressed me. I dreaded them. It seemed we had full weekends, then I had to wake everyone up on Monday to get to these classes.
I drove an hour, sat for 4 hours, and then was able to make it home in about 40 minutes (yes, a 20 minutes difference since on the way there was during rush hour traffic!) Thinking about all the things I could be doing at home or needed to be doing at home. Then bringing home 3 crabby children who were all tired. The Little Man does usually sleep part of the way home, but that might mean a 20 minute nap for a crabby little person. And so Monday nights become a rough night. And Tuesday weren't much fun either.
But today. Today was the last one.
Which is sad, but not sad. I know my dd will miss the kids and the teachers. But really, since we've moved, it has not been ideal to be there on Mondays (before we had maybe a 15 minute drive each way).
I just want to throw a party to celebrate ... but really? I'm too tired to party.

Little Man is all out of whack with sleep - and has been staying up much too late - which means I have been staying up much too late. I might have been able to catch a 30 minute nap today because he stayed asleep when we got home, but I laid him down, then laid myself down, only for the phone to ring.

Really, though, I shouldn't complain. It was a friend, whom we haven't seen in a while and she wanted to get together. And I'm excited to get together, but I was also excited to get a bit of a catnap.

But next Monday? Okay, next Monday we will be out of town, but the Monday after that? Provided the kids cooperate? Then I'm sleeping in. LOL!

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