Friday, May 18, 2007

So much to say ...

and not enough time to blog it all! LOL!

First of all, my birthday was lovely. Thank you for the wishes you sent me =) My family, once again, spoiled me and treated me like a queen =) I really do have pretty great people living with me!

Yesterday morning dh went out of town. He will return late tonight. As much as I fretted about it, you might think he was leaving the country for a few weeks or something! LOL! But the truth is, since I knew he wasn't coming home last night, I pretty much didn't do anything around the house yesterday. I know, it's terrible but it's the truth. We went over to my parents house last night so I could celebrate my birthday with them. So I didn't really take care of dishes from the day. There weren't that many anyway so I wasn't too concerned. And well, I could have vacuumed yesterday, but decided to wait until today. Anyway, my point is, the house looked messy LOL! Then this am while I was still asleep, I had a dream. In my dream it was today and people started showing up at my house just to stop by and say hi. So know what happened? I hopped out of bed, got dressed, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the family room, and cleaned the living room LOL! Just in case my dreams were trying to tell me something hahaha. And oh, the girls cleaned their room also. So now I'm sitting in a pretty neat and tidy house, just waiting for the three kids to make it look all messy again.

Anyway, life's been pretty good this week. And I'm glad that we went out of the house last night, because when dh doesn't come home after work it just puts me in this mood. I'm afraid to not get that few minutes of a break he gives me when he gets home. I need it soo much that just knowing it won't happen, kind of puts a kink in my mood. But being away from the house alleviates that feeling because then there are other adults around. Although, next month my man is leaving me for 9 days to go into the middle of nowhere, aka the Boundary Waters between US and Canada. 9 days. 9 days without him. The most I've been left alone with the 3 kids by myself has been about, oh, 48 hours? I'm very scared about this whole 9 day trip. But I will survive.

A lot of our school year activities are over, or will be over soon, and can I just say WOO-HOO! I don't mind the activities per se, it's the driving too and from and since we have moved this has become a whole lot harder. Not to mention I feel like I die a little bit more every Monday my oldest has her co-op. It is not a good place for Little Man. My Mondays are spent keeping him out the places he shouldn't be or sitting isolated in our car for four hours. It's not fun. It's not pretty. And although I feel bad, we will NOT be returning next year. I have heard rumor their is a co-op closer to where we have moved that is much more pleasant for those parents who still have young children. So we might try that one out next year. Or we might just take a one year break from all co-ops. I have not yet decided. Admittedly, the budget is tight and I feel like I need a mental break from it all. And in two years both my girls will be old enough for classes so it might be more fun that way anyway.
I have until the fall to make a decision and I won't rush myself through it.

With that said, I have 3 kids who are fighting for my attention, three bags to make (end of year teacher gifts) and it's a lovely day outside to boot!

Happy Friday everyone =)

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