Friday, May 04, 2007

Need some prayers ...

A friend of mine is 32 weeks pregnant. Yesterday they discovered the baby has an irregular heartbeat. Today they sent her for a fetal-echocardiogram. She is nervous and scared right now. Please, please, send prayers and good thoughts out to this mama and to her little son. Prayer that they can find out why the heartbeat is irregular (and we are also praying and hoping it was just a fluke with the u/s yesterday) and also that the doctors will know what to do and that this mom can find a beat of peace during this very stressful time.
Thank you everyone who does this!

An Update:
After going through several tests and meeting with a few specialists yesterday, my friend has been told the baby is have some heart PAC's. They believe the baby will outgrow it even before birth and it should cause no problems at all. However, they will be monitoring the heart rate weekly from now on just to be sure and they will do one more ultrasound before birth. She is hoping for a VBAC and the specialists were supportive of it as long as she is not in the small percent were the PACs turn into something more. She is feeling so relieved right now and so thankful that things will be okay. And frankly, so am I! Thanks again everyone for your thoughts and prayers.


Jungle Mom said...

I said a prayer.

MissKris said...

I didn't get to this until today - Sunday - so didn't get to remember them in my prayers for the u/s. But I will keep them in my prayers now, that all goes ok. If it's any consolation to you and/or her, I was born with a heart murmur the doctor thought I'd eventually outgrow. I'm 53 and going strong...I exercise a lot, and my doctor I have had as an adult told me I have a "strong" heart. Still, when things like that crop up when we women are expecting our babies, it's very scary! (((HUG)))

Sallie said...

I just read this on early Monday morning.. will be praying all continues to go well..

God bless!